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If you are a benefits professional (or a professional in a related field), you should feel free to add information to this wiki that you believe is important to the benefits community. Editing or creating a page may seem intimidating at first glance, but is not more difficult than operating a simple word processor. Best of all, the wiki saves every prior version of page. So don't worry about messing up a page -- you (or another member of the community) can always "undo" it!

How To Edit A Page

Enter Text

To edit a page, simply click the "edit" tab at the top of the page. Entering and formatting text is much like operating a word processor. Text can be entered just by typing it in to the large text box that you will see. Icons at the top of this box allow you to add formatting and links to your text.


Adding Links

Linking to other pages within the wiki is very useful. Use the icon that looks like an underlined "Ab" to add a link. Double brackets will appear in which you can type the name of the page to which you wish to link. Remember that page names are case-sensitive, however -- be sure to capitilize the page title in exactly the same way that it appears on that page.

You can also link to external pages by clicking the icon that looks like a globe with a page over it. Single brackets will appear in which you can enter the URL (the Web address) of the page to which you wish to link. (Remember that almost all URLs must begin with the prefix "http://" to work -- this prefix is added automatically.) After the URL, it is a good idea to add a word or phrase that describes the link. This description is what will appear as an underlined link on the page.

Preview and Save

Once you have completed your edits, click on "show preview" to see the results. If you are satisfied, click on "save page" to finalize your edits. Otherwise, continue editing.

Do not worry if you accidentally save changes. Click on "history" at the top of the wiki page to see past versions of the page and restore the old version.

Wiki Terms of Use and Rules

By using this Wiki -- including by editing or creating an article, and by uploading a file -- you legally agree to the Wiki's Terms of Use LINK TO STATIC PAGE. You also agree to obey the Wiki rules that describe the norms of this Wiki.


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