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Benefits Collective is a great resource to increase your knowledge of both general and specific benefits topics.

Popular Pages

If you are interested in browsing the site for hot topics, you may want to begin by seeing a list of the most popular pages on the site. You can also access a list of all pages on the site.

High-level Overview of Employee Benefits

If you would like to get started with the help of a brief outline of employee benefits, please see the article overview of employee benefits.

IRS, DOL, and PBGC guidance

Benefits Collective has thousands of pages of agency guidance in PDF format. Links to relevant guidance are found on topics pages. If you know the name of the guidance you are looking for, you can also search for it directly using the search box. In addition, you can browse for major items of guidance -- including DOL opinion letters, DOL Field Assistance Bulletins, IRS Notices, IRS Revenue Procedures, and IRS Revenue Rulings -- by looking in the appropriate guidance category.