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Welcome to Benefits Collective

This wiki is about employee benefits, with a special emphasis on legal and compliance issues (though contributions on other benefits-related topics are welcome and encouraged). If you are familiar with Wikipedia, think of Benefits Collective as the Wikipedia of employee benefits.




Browse 1,895 articles on benefits topics, including articles about HIPAA, 409A, health care reform and many other hot topics. Benefits Collective also has over 2600 downloadable files and thousands of links to primary source materials, including regulations, agency guidance, and much more. Use the search function (found on the upper-right hand corner of each page) to locate relevant information fast. Type in a keyword to look for articles with matching titles or text. Use the link box on the left of each page for easy access to important sites such as the IRS and DOL. Registered users can discuss, edit, and even create new articles easily. It’s free and easy to sign up. No knowledge of HTML is needed to change or make pages.



Benefits Collective has improved its homepage. Let us know what you think! Advertisement and sponsorship opportunities are available for benefits-related service providers. Take out an ad on the whole site, or sponsor a specific page. Reach out to people who need what you provide! Contact us to see how we can help.