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Code Section 412 provides minimum funding requirements that generally apply for pension plans (including both defined benefit pension plans and money purchase pension plans). The PPA made extensive changes to those minimum funding requirements that generally apply for plan years beginning on or after January 1, 2008.

Code section 430, which was added by the PPA, specifies the minimum funding requirements that apply to single employer defined benefit pension plans (including multiple employer plans) pursuant to section 412.

Code section 436, which was also added by the PPA, sets forth certain limitations on benefits that may apply to a single employer defined benefit plan based on its funded status. Neither section 430 nor section 436 applies to multiemployer plans.

The Pension Relief Act of 2010 permits a temporary reduction in contributions to some plans.


§ 412. Minimum Funding Standards.

§ 1.412(b)-2 Amortization of experience gains in connection with certain group deferred annuity contracts.

§ 1.412(b)-5 Election of the alternative amortization method of funding.

§ 1.412(c)(1)-1 Determinations to be made under funding method--terms defined.

§ 1.412(c)(1)-2 Shortfall method.

§ 1.412(c)(1)-3 Applying the minimum funding requirements to restored plans.

§ 1.412(c)(1)-3t Applying the minimum funding requirements to restored plans (temporary).

§ 1.412(c)(2)-1 Valuation of plan assets; reasonable actuarial valuation methods.

§ 1.412(c)(3)-1 Reasonable funding methods.

§ 1.412(c)(3)-2 Effective dates and transitional rules relating to reasonable funding methods.

§ 1.412(i)-1 Certain insurance contract plans.

§ 1.412(l)(7)-1 Mortality tables used to determine current liability.

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