Notice 2007-78

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Notice 2007-78 provides transition relief and additional guidance on the application of 409A to nonqualified deferred compensation plans.

This transition relief and additional guidance includes:

  • Extension to December 31, 2008, of the deadline to adopt documents that comply with § 409A, subject to limited requirements regarding the timely written designation of a time and form of payment.
  • Guidance and additional relief addressing certain issues raised by the application to employment agreements and cashout features of § 409A and the final regulations.
  • Announcement that the Treasury Department and the IRS anticipate issuing guidance containing a limited voluntary compliance program that will permit taxpayers to correct certain unintentional operational violations of § 409A and thereby limit the amount of additional taxes due under § 409A.
  • Announcement that the relief from the application of § 409A(b) (which prohibits the use of certain types of arrangements to pay for nonqualified deferred compensation) provided in Notice 2006-33 with respect to certain “grace period assets”, which expires December 31, 2007, is not being extended, so that after December 31, 2007, taxpayers must comply with a reasonable, good faith interpretation of § 409A(b) with respect to all assets in arrangements subject to § 409A(b).


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